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Dear Occupy
I have talked to a few people who feel the same way about this "Occupy Wall Street" protest happening right now. I don't have a whole lot to say about it that any supporter of the cause would listen to, or even consider. I'm not stupid, I try to stay away from politics, and I feel very distant from what exactly is going on. What I have to say is not from the stand point of someone who has a job and looks down on the unemployed, or from the perspective of someone ill informed. I know what I am talking about, and no one has to agree, just read it.

Dear Occupy:

Who's looking after your children? Were they late to school this morning? Every morning this week? And last week? Did they get to bed on time? Who is feeding your dog? Your hampster? Who is making your son's poster for "Star Student Week" this weekend? Where were you when your mother called to tell you your father is in the hospital, and she needs you? Were you on a grassy lawn, with other like-minded individuals? Or was it a sidewalk in a busy city? Right outside a small market, maybe one that gets a lot of local business, from families who live near by? A store that is losing money from the regular customers who are afraid of going through that part of town to get that gallon of milk after picking up their kids from school. Maybe you were holding a cleverly worded sign, one that I have seen on Tumblr, or Facebook? Was it a different sign you were holding when your friend used his keys to scratch a CEO's car as it drove near by? Did he mistake that car for the boy who works in the mail room's car? What about the police officers working 30 hour shifts to make sure no riots break out, or keeping an eye on the crowd to make sure no children get trampled in the even of a rush of bodies? Don't you think his wife and kids miss him, don't you think they are worried that he might miss the school play? Maybe he's missing out on his sick child's last few days, since his child has been in and out of the hospital? Have any one of you stopped and thought about what is going on? Not one single interview, news article, blog post, FB status, or Tumblr post that I have seen has had a clear message. What exactly are you fighting for? What is the cause? Who is your leader? I'm not saying I have all the answers, or that any one person does. I too am the 99% with the least amount of wealth. But I don't need much to be happy, and neither should you. My child is feed, asleep, clean and getting up every morning for school. Even if *I* sleep in, he still gets to school on time. I'm in his class room an hour a week, sometimes longer. I'm making copies, cutting circles of paper, gluing, stapling and organizing holiday parties, so that my child's teacher can focus on educating. I'm walking children to after school care so her parents can know she is safe until they get off work. I'm keeping an eye on a girl who has trouble focusing on getting to the bus, giving her reminders to get to the bus in time so she isn't left behind. I am doing something, even if I can't find stable work. I am a member of my community. I am making a difference. I'm not standing outside a building holding a sign, while my parents get my child ready for school in the morning. I refuse to stand around and do literally nothing while people around me need support. I knit socks that turn out too small, I don't just toss them! Never! I ask around, little brothers and sisters of Gabe's class mates. Donations to The Women's Health and Birth Center, for a craft fair. Nothing needs to be wasted.

So, Occupy protesters, I don't disagree with your cause, I really don't, but don't you have somehting important to be doing? Don't have a job? VOLUNTEER! Pleanty of organizations need help. Looks great on a resume when you can say "I was working for them as a volunteer" instead of "I couldn't find work" and it helps your local community. You want things to change? Get up, do something! Be a member of your community. Make a difference in a child's life. Walk dogs. Babysit. Feed baby and injured birds. Just get up and be a community leader. 


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