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So, this is day 4 that one of us has gotten up early to meet the construction workers for a fireplace removal... And they don't show up when they say they will. They told us 10 am on Friday. I got up at 9:10 and took a shower... here it is 11 and no word, no knock nothing. I saw them outside... even heard them next door. We are both kind of pissed at this point... they have made appointments with us 4 times and not shown up. I'm very annoyed. I mean... pms has me annoyed with just about everything... But today I have to get my kiddo ready for a weekend trip, so I have to pack 4 days worth of clothes in a bag about the size for over night, fit a weekend's worth of toys in a bag the same size as the other bag then lug it all on the bus, along with the kiddo. I mean it's a short bus trip, not like we are meeting anyone in SF, but it's just a lot of work. I kind of guessed the construction workers would end up not showing up. Also, some shit going down on Tumblr kind of annoyed me. Someone blocked me because I disagreed with them about pansexuality. A made up term used to describe the sexual prefrence of someone who loves anyone/everyone whether or not they are male or female, or both. Um... sorry, but even people born with both a vagina and a penis have a dominate gender. Most of them have the brain chemistry of one gender or the other, not both at once. And this whole "gender identity" thing has gone a little far. You either are a boy or a girl, and you either like boys, girls or both. There it is in black and white. There it is in simple-not-complicated-by-scientific-terms-not-everyone-understands terms. So I am very annoyed that even though I fully support the LGBT community, and happen to be a bi sexual girl, some Tumblr user gets upset that I don't believe in pansexaulity and decideds that since she can't cange my mind and what I believe in that she should block me. I had no ill will against her. I wasn't really even that mad. I basicly told her I didn't want to argue my point because I didn't want to offend someone and I was in a bad mood. I didn't think she would get a pissy and block me. I really like MOST of what she posted on Tumblr, and she is a very judgemental opinionated person, just liek me, so I thought she of all the people I talk to online would be understanding. Nope. She threw a fit and fucking blocked me. How fucking mature.

Also... phantoms have been haunting my dreams AND my waking thoughts. Get them gone. Seriously, I don't want them anymore. The faces, the blog posts, the lies and the back stabbing... There is a damned good reason I don't have a lot of friends anymore... and it seems to haunt me ALL THE TIME.

At least I get 3 nights with my amazing boyfriend, kid free. And my kid gets to spend some time with people he adores. It's a win-win situation for everyone this weekend. I hope everyone else is going to have some fun too ^.^

Also: Keep YOUR opinions about pansexuality the fuck off MY LJ blog. I will delete ALL comments made about it. That is certianly not a conversation I want to have, with anyone.

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I am glad you're still on LJ. Please keep updating here even if you are over on Tumblr as well!

Screw everyone else. Enjoy your weekend.

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