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My Christmas List
We aren't really religious. We don't really celebrate "Christmas" but we do like exchanging gifts. I view it as a time to make a list of things you would use IF you had them to use. I like gifts like clothes, yarn, gift cards, funny socks, make-up, kitchen tools/appliances/utensils. I love when people give my son clothes and shoes, it means I don't have to try to come up with the money for them throughout the year. I'm pretty much over Legos. My son LOVES them, but we have 50,000 Lego pieces getting stepped on all the time. They are EVERYWHERE. In my bed, in the closet, in my purse, under the couch, IN the couch, in the tub, in the kitchen, in my shoes, in laundry... And it's always the tiniest pieces. The one dot pieces. The vacuum's favorite treats. So, I am not letting him put Lego sets on his Christmas list this year.

But this post isn't about my son's "Christmas" or his wish list. This is about what I want this year.

1. I want my son to spend the holidays with us this year. WE are his family, and having been married just ONE year it would be nice to have some family bonding time. We can't build our own traditions if the whole family isn't home.

2. A juicer. I want a juicer. Not the "spining citrus" juicer. The kind of juicer you put a cut up apple into and all you get is juice out the front and pulp out the back. I want to make juice and freeze it and make smoothies.

3. Submersion blender. I LOVE soup. It tastes best when you make it home made. The easiest way to make a "creamed" soup is with a submersion bleander. I don't want the cheap kind either. I want a Kitchenaid stainless steel kind. No part that submerges can be plastic.

4. Yarn. Wool yarn. Silk yarn. Cotton yarn. Worsted weight. Fingering weight. Bulky. In a RAINBOW of colors.

5. Gift cards. I MISS shopping. I don't have a lot of money to shop with. I can't find a job. I can't make stuff fast enough to sell online. I can't just go get a new shirt because I feel like it, or because I need it. I can't go get a pair of shoes because my old ones broke. I can't even just go to the grocery store when I need a few things.

6. A real food processor. The kind that you can shread a WHOLE block of cheese in like 5 seconds, or slice a whole cucumber in 3 seconds. The kind with razor sharp attatchments. Like the one my grandmother had when I was a little kid. Roboko or something. I can't remember the raised letters fromt he base, but I sure remember the cut on my finger when I took it out for her.

7. A spring form pan. I have miniture set, but not a big one. I can't make a delicious cheesecake!

8. New pots and pans. I want pink or purple non-stick pans. A nice stock pot would be awesome too. The tall shiney kind. I have a wide one, but I like the tall shiney kind.

9. A vacuum cleaner with a hose. We have a nice old one with no hose. It cleans the floor, but not the corners, the spider webs, the spills or the dust.

10. Bicycle accessories. I want a cargo rack on the back, and maybe some fenders.

11. An industral type blender. The kind they use at Juice Shack or Surf Shack.

12. A new sun hat. The one I have is pretty faded and worn. I'm afraid it won't last much longer.

13. All the newer seasons of Futurama. Everything after Seaosn 4.

14. Everything after season 2 of MASH

15. All the Resident Evil movies. I only have the latest one.

16. Book shelves. I need like 3 of them.

17. A new night stand. We need a second one. I don't even care that they don't match.

18. A spilplat that will fit on my cookie sheets.

19. A new bed set. 100% cotton. 200-300 thread count. Red. Purple. Just not green.

20. A new laptop. Mine is just a little too old. It can't run newer games.

21. A cheese making kit. It would be fun.

22. BIG pots for a back patio garden. I want to grow tomatoes, herbs, flowers, beans and lettuce. I would be happy with 5 gallon buckets.

And most likely more stuff. I can only remember these things right now. I know I won't even get half of these. I would be happy with just one, any one. I am always greatful for what I get every Winter, even if I wasn't always growing up. I love hand made stuff. I still have most of the stuff people have made for me. Necklaces, bat stained glass sculptures, braceltes, earrings, cards... I may not have it all on display, but it's still around.

This year will be our year to start our small family traditions. Like skipping the "Santa" thing, skipping the "CHristmas morning" thing and making Jewish foods. I think we will try a lot of different things before we find what fits for us. It's a long fun road and we may never get there, but we will enjoy the journey.


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